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When we were forming this company, the idea was to approach the public very differently than a large corporation traditionally does. As we adopted the "people first" approach (influenced by Feenix Films' intriguing ensemble approach to the film business), we recognized our "family over fiat" approach to film making (more on that in the film section) was a business model with which we were comfortable. So call this a "mom and pop store" style website, a "corner store" production house.

And since we are a business that strives to treat people like family, we decided there could be no better visual representation for our company than the center suns of our lives; our children. In a very real way, our creative efforts are made to profit their lives. We hope people like what we do and buy our products, especially since the twins are approaching their college years!

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Christopher Ryan


Christopher Ryan spent eight years as an award-winning Bronx crime and politics reporter, winning awards as Best News columnist (NYS Newspaper Association), Journalist of the Year, and a DeWitt Clinton Masonic Award for Community Service, among others.
Tina Ryan

Vice President/CEO

The vice president/CFO and indispensible humanizing influence of both SNP and
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