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CITY OF SIN – Mallory and Gunner: The Early Days

This action-packed short story collection reads like the first season of a show that is part Homicide: Life on the Streets, part The X-Files, and part edgy sitcom, introducing us to detectives Frank Mallory and Alberto “Gunner” Gennaro as they battle modern versions of horror movie monster classics. Mallory and Gunner have met the monsters and they am us!

“I absolutely loved Christopher Ryan’s City of Woe and when my non-stop “page-turning” came to an abrupt (and satisfying) halt on the final page, I immediately wanted more of Frank Mallory and Gunner Gennaro. It was a pleasure reconnecting with these guys, and also impressive to see that Christopher Ryan’s brilliant plotting and gift for realistic dialogue and details was not limited to his first book. Now, of course, I’m looking forward to the next installment! Bravo, Chris!”
– Thomas B. Martin, Amazon Review



Two NYPD detectives, the thoughtful family man Frank Mallory and the fun-loving flirt Alberto “Gunner” Gennaro, chase a serial killer whose crime scenes look like levels of Dante’s “Inferno” – including notes suggesting they might be pursuing a demon.

“… a riveting combination of a straight up police procedural matched with a psychological thriller … Ryan’s prose is sharp, quick witted, and as multifaceted as the streets of New York.”
– Library Journal




“In this second part of the “City Series”, NYPD detectives Mallory and Gunner find themselves struggling with the aftermath of their last big case. Vengeful madmen, vicious superior officers, relentless media, domestic pressures, and personal losses twist their world while the lives of a group of victimized girls hang in the balance, with the time the detectives have to save them ticking away….

“Writing the second book of a trilogy is often a difficult task since the reader already is familiar with the setting and main characters, but doesn’t get the payoff of a finished plot. However, this didn’t stop Mr. Ryan from penning a fast-paced, suspenseful frolic. I love the short chapters that push the action forward at a breakneck pace. We also learn more about Gunner, balancing the spotlight that shined on Mallory in the first book. All in all, a wonderful pager turner.”
-- Kevin Timlin, Amazon Review

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Penelope on the Job

by Christopher Ryan

It was the denim thigh high boots that made him stop.

Rising from stiletto heels, skin tight and showing off shapely calves, ending just above the knees, drawing the eye to gorgeously muscular thighs, and an outrageously micro mini skirt.

A huge purse on a long strap led his eyes to her tube top, which was struggling with its responsibilities.

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