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Ford Needs to Remember its Roots

See source address above. This car could make aging America so happy if Ford remembered its original mission.

I love Ford Mustangs. This must be understood or nothing wonderful can come from this tale.

Full disclosure, I own a beautiful black 2007 Ford Mustang, a retro styled dream that I baby to this day.

It is not pictured above. That sensuous marvel is the limited release all-electric Ford Mustang designed to look like Batman’s dream ride. Problem is, according to reports, only fictional Bruce Wayne could afford its $380,000 price tag. And Ford only made 500, offering it just to “the serious collector.”

Ford has lost its mind and its mission. Do top execs not remember that their O.G., Henry Ford, was dedicated to building a car the American worker could afford? Do they forget that ol’Henry advanced the assembly line expressly to keep costs down and pass affordability onto Americans?

Further, it stands to reason that in the face of serious evidence of a climate crisis, Ford would recognize the marketability of a beautiful all-electric high end Mustang and how much ecological impact their company could have selling an affordably priced all-electric muscle car to geezers like me. The PR alone would be more profitable than selling these 500 ridiculously priced elitist toys.

Worse for them, now that they’ve announced they have this technology and are not mass-producing it to reduce price, emissions and decrease our global footprint, what does that say about how far Ford has strayed from its original mission?

Ol’Henry would be sorely disappointed, The world should grow angry at a major car manufacturer that has the method for seriously impacting climate change but is going to keep this Mustang beauty, America’s muscle car, for the elite as they try passing off to the public some chubby mutant hybrid of a Mustang and SUV.

Remember who you are, Ford, and Make America’s All Electric Mustang Sexy For Us Again.

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