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How to Deal With Depression

More and more people are going public about their struggles with depression, acknowledging the struggle, explaining their experience, offering advice. It is a good sign.

And I am not just talking about celebrities here. People I know personally have posted and written and spoken live or on podcasts or in public about their struggle. And the struggle is real. And their actions are a good sign.

However, so many suffer in silence, admit nothing, speak to no one, sinking deeper. And we lose good people, famous and not, successful and struggling, young and old, women, men and all along the gender spectrum. And losing even one is not a good sign.

Others haven’t been diagnosed but feel their emotions and hopes plunge from time to time. I have spoken to friends and former students and, occasionally, current students, and it is always heartbreaking.

Full disclosure, I’ve experienced the plunge as well. Nothing like others have experience, just comparably short trips to the darkness that have been alleviated by the options I want to offer to anyone who might need it. These worked for me and might work for you:

Talk with someone, anyone.

Get professional help.

A good book, some inspiring music, a bit of exercise can all help.

But it is better to get professional help.

There is no shame, no admission of failure, no self-loathing needed for getting professional help. It is the smart move, the safe move, the move that offers the best chance to deal with depression.

And yes, dammit, you deserve to feel better. No matter what you might be telling yourself, you have value and worth and your contributions to this world are needed, be they curing cancer or holding the door for a stranger. We are all connected and we are weaker without you. We need you. We do. So go get help.

Love and peace, brothers and sisters.

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