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Raised IQs. Higher test scores. What could go wrong?


What if almost everyone at your high school mysteriously got smarter – a lot smarter? In an age of endless high stakes testing, would brilliance be welcomed or a disaster? To find out, Reckless Eric, Lily, Jack, his troubled sister Syd, Stevie, and the one and only Ignatius Bop confront cliques, mentally mutating classmates, and love triangles as they face off against shady forces trying to control their school, their minds, and their lives.

“This is a fast-moving YA adventure with a twist in the storyline that really grabs you right from the outset and hangs onto you throughout the wild ride. The characters are fully developed and believable. Reading this book is so visual and colorful it’s like watching a film. I loved the author’s handling of gender issues and other teen angst. I look forward with eager anticipation to more from this author.”
--May Moggie, Amazon Review

Christopher Ryan Writes


When the wife of beloved comedy icon Bob Murphy died under suspicious circumstances, he abandoned celebrity and shut himself off from almost everyone, but the world won’t leave him in peace.
At a time of national tension, an offhand comment from Bob to an unscrupulous TV talk show host goes viral, accidentally reigniting an American spirit long thought lost, launching Bob and his adoring fans into the middle of a simple rebellion.

“A Simple Rebellion is an action-packed, funny, dark, and poignant love letter to America – and a roadmap for how we might all make it through the bleakest of times unscathed. Christopher Ryan expertly integrates social commentary into his narrative with a style reminiscent of Richard Matheson and Rod Serling’s best works.”
-- Caseen Gaines, author of We Don’t Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy and The Dark Crystal: The Ultimate Visual History


Margaret Agnes Ferguson, age 8, has been solving mysteries since she was little, and today is no exception. A “mystery spot” keeps appearing in her room, an empty place where her dollhouse usually is. But now her dollhouse keeps getting moved into her closet and the empty space comes back … again and again! With the help of her friends, Margaret Agnes Ferguson is determined to uncover the secret of … the mystery spot!

Christopher Ryan Writes
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