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So What Happened Was…

(Or How I Took Over A Year to Sort Out My Website Ignorance and Discover That a Dream Had Come True)

There I was in 2018, investing in an overhaul of my website ( – and yes you should check it out!) and forcing myself to overcome doubts and send out my work. You know, get serious about this writing career, dammit.

And Go Daddy did a great job, I was set to show off my books, movies, podcasts, blog, and I even had a dedicated email account. Serious professional here, you know?

Except whenever I posted a blog, it didn’t show up on my… blog. At least not the blog created for my website. Weird, I know. Technologically deficient, I admit.

But this story gets better, which translates to more amusing for you, more humiliating for me. You see, I wasn’t master of my domain when it came to my chrisryanwrites email account either. Couldn’t get on to monitor it, answer my email, you know every day competency things.

Add to that a heathy does of stubborn determination to figure it all out on my own — over 16 months of stubbornness — and a submission to one of my top dream publications, and you have all the ingredients for a humiliating Christmas Miracle for me, 15 months ago.

I finally got over myself and called Go Daddy for help. Lukas and Brittney were rock stars, thank you very much, and now I can do what everyone else does every single day. That’s right, folks, I am proof that there is some slim hope for humanity to make progress.

So here’s my first post on this website since we opened for business with a U2-themed post oh those many months ago. And to celebrate that I have finally learned the basics of my own website, here’s my other discovery (made once I could view my website email): I was published on Shotgun Honey’s website! A Flash Fiction story featuring one of my original characters, Penelope, was accepted for publication … on Oct. 15 … 2018! All this time I believed I didn’t make the cut and somehow missed that day’s stories.

I shake my own damn head at me.

The submission was made using my official website email for all publishing business, and then I screwed up and couldn’t get back in! I owe the Shotgun Honey editors an email apologizing for not responding and tremendous thanks for publishing me, and I owe you a link for reading this silliness.

So here’s Penelope. I hope you enjoy her debut.

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