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Ford Needs to Remember its Roots

I love Ford Mustangs. This must be understood or nothing wonderful can come from this tale. Full disclosure, I own a beautiful black 2007 Ford Mustang, a retro styled dream that I baby to this day. It is not pictured above. That sensuous marvel is the limited release all-electric Ford Mustang designed to look like…

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How to Deal With Depression

More and more people are going public about their struggles with depression, acknowledging the struggle, explaining their experience, offering advice. It is a good sign. And I am not just talking about celebrities here. People I know personally have posted and written and spoken live or on podcasts or in public about their struggle. And…

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I’ve Been Away Awhile, Rebuilding

I haven’t posted since mid-summer when I gushed about U2. Been rebuilding. This blog now appears on my new website, Worth a look, if I do say so myself. Been rebuilding my social media presence, too. Much more Instagram, lot less Facebook. Unfollowed many dozens of political Twitterers, followed writers and creatives instead. A…

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