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I’ve Been Away Awhile, Rebuilding

I haven’t posted since mid-summer when I gushed about U2. Been rebuilding. This blog now appears on my new website, Worth a look, if I do say so myself.

Been rebuilding my social media presence, too. Much more Instagram, lot less Facebook. Unfollowed many dozens of political Twitterers, followed writers and creatives instead. A lot less stressful, though still pretty political. These days, politics is inescapable.

But I try.

Which is weird since my latest novel, A Simple Rebellion, is “a dystopian love letter to America.” But it is more about the divisiveness, the our side right or wrong, the where is this all leading us of it all. Again, politics is inescapable.

But I try.

The rebuild concludes with me accepting that I write fast-paced stories with humor and heart, and I am going to continue doing so, as best I can, for as long as I can, for as many of you who want it.

Mixed in under that will be pleas to our better angels, our more reasonably humane sides, pleas that we remember that all of this is based on “We the People.”

See? Politics is inescapable.

But we can try.

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