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Hey, glad you could make it.

Welcome to a place to celebrate fast-paced stories with humor and heart.

This is the website for award-winning author Christopher Ryan (nope, not the research psychologist who wrote Sex at Dawn), offering a look at this Bronx-born writer’s entire catalog of commercial fiction (and other projects) offered to engage, entertain, and excite readers.

Here you can check out supernaturally tinged crime thrillers featuring popular NYPD detectives Mallory and Gunner.

Or maybe you are curious about a dystopian page-turner featuring a beloved aging comedy icon and set in a possible near-future America.

Perhaps you will be intrigued by an all ages adventure set in high school with a touch of sci-fi gone awry.

Are you a fan of pulp fiction? Here you can enjoy adventures featuring Alex Simmons’ legendary and award winning character Blackjack.

There is even a children’s book, some film work, and a collection of fun music Chris made with friends that can only be called party punk.

Christopher Ryan Writes

Each item has a link for purchase if you’re into that sort of thing.

Additionally, there are links to his blog, Chris Ryan Writes (that’s subtle). It is Round II here, as the first 100+ posts have been archived for future use.

Also available is TELL THE DAMN STORY, a fun, wide-ranging podcast exploring creativity, pop culture, story telling, and writing techniques, which Chris does with Alex Simmons. Additionally, there are links to his Instagram, Facebook author page, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

Scattered around will be links to interviews, promo stuff, pictures, cover art, and more. The idea is to entertain and, hopefully, earn your interest in what Christopher Ryan has to offer.

Have fun!


“One of my all-time writing heroes, Joe R. Lansdale, creator of Hap and Leonard and Bubba Ho-Tep, among so many classics, bought my book! My feet can’t even touch the floor! #pulpfest #joerlansdale #hapandleonard #hotdamn”

Christopher Ryan Writes
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